A Balance Between Oral Hygiene And Sustainability




The ordinary toothbrush is the ultimate throwaway item, often used for a few short months and then discarded.

We questioned why we throw away the entire toothbrush when only the brush head wears out, It doesn't make sense right? So we decided to partner with leading dental professionals to create the Snap Toothbrush.

Through mindful design and packaging we are helping customers follow dental guidelines, save money and reduce their environmental footprint. 

We’ve created honest products with intelligent design and a humble purpose. #lessplasticmorefantastic


Full Capacity Cleaning Power At A Fraction Of The Plastic.



The Snap Toothbrush handle is made from polypropylene plastic and allows the user to keep the handle longer. Both the handle and nonslip grips are durable and resistant to breakage keeping the user from having to throw it away so frequently. We utilize high-grade molds to ensure precision and quality. Our nylon brush head bristles perform like the bristles from most regular toothbrushes, and our unique snapping mechanism uses your natural brushing movement to secure the brush head into the handle.  As you brush, you actually push the brush head further into the handle thus ensuring that the brush head will never come off during brushing.           



Roberto & Angel

Our umbrella company GreenerStep was founded in 2010 by Roberto to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away in our day to day lives. As problem solvers we started to think about how to slow down our use of plastic through better and more sustainable product design. GreenerStep aims to develop every day products that reduce unnecessary plastic waste by simply changing, replacing or refilling only the parts that need it. Given the properties of plastic, a material that can take up to 500 years to degrade naturally, we realized that part of the solution had to focus on REUSABILITY. Through this same thought process the Snap Toothbrush was born, the universal oral hygiene tool became no longer wasteful. With a familiar toothbrush handle design and smart sustainable concept design we now save 93% of plastic from being thrown away unnecessarily.

What are you waiting for? Get your Snap Toothbrush today!

(the world will thank you.)